Sunday, March 16, 2014

See that Spectre? I sure don't
wnloaded in an instant off of the /idgames database
. An instant. Mostly because it’s one DooM 2 level. Anyway, I will be playing this in ZDooM, like always.
I spawn in a very, very, VERY dark room. There is an opening in the ceiling showing some sky, but guess what? It still SO DARK. Whatever. I exit the room and two Former Humans are ahead of me. No matter, I kill them in the VERY dark hallway, and take a door to the right. I go through a passage in front of me and grab a shotgun. And guess what? A Spectre appears. (not really, a wall opens.) Since it is so dark, I can’t even SEE it. And I die. This happens a lot in this level. I gave up.
Summary: It’s difficulty and darkness make this WAD a bad place to be in. My advice? Avoid.